Sarah Montgomery - Biography

Born in Tasmania, Sarah is a Sydney based artist who works within and across the disciplines of printmaking, drawing and painting.

Her work seeks to reflect nature and our experience and perception of space, togetherness and distance.

Sarah completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking and graphic design at the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania (1999).

She currently works as a Gallery Manager and Curator at Sydney Road Gallery - Seaforth.

Select Artworks are available for purchase at Martine Gallery, Northbridge and Sydney Road Gallery, Seaforth.

A recent Duo show 'Forage' held at Saint Cloche Gallery Paddington, was with fellow artist and painter Fiona Chandler. (October 2015)

"Our first chat was two hours long, full of ideas and inspiration. Our practice had developed along similar lines - a printmaker and a painter.  Nature, decay, pods and seeds. Fellow artists thought we were already connected, possibly shared a studio.  I piled up my sketches, drawings and prints, my inky ideas, eager to share my work.  A fast tumble of ideas flew, artworks were produced. Endless cups of tea, chocolate and more art.  A collection grew organically, enduring late nights with enthusiasm. We pushed each other and found common ground."


Forage, to find, a pocketful of thoughts and shared vision of what was to become our exhibition at Saint Cloche.   

Forage... a pocket full

Montgomery has a keen interest in found and fallen flora and fauna, gathered, shared, layered. With a deep appreciation for the wilderness, Montgomery creates hand coloured etchings of open pods, scattered seeds and vessels. She draws directly onto copper plates, sketching curled, delicate objects with feathered lines and threads. In contrast are heavy, etched, burred black edges, brittle stems and crisp white spaces.  Her focus is on the distance between objects and people, their experience or connection to a place.  The viewer could ask ... am I present?  Linger and notice the moment the light changes, wait, be still, as you look closer, the space changes.  Sarah delights in details, laid down and described in line and light, the composition encourages the viewer to look a little closer...

"I balance found objects in my hands, hold them a while, looking at all the intricate components.  Weighed down with heavy rocks, driftwood, spiked seed pods and broken leaves. A constant process
of observation and gathering, layering. I seek and collect then return objects.  The decay and crumbling pieces transform and unravel.

Nature is inspirational.


Exhibitions include:

2017 Sydney Road Gallery -Seaforth
2017 Martine Gallery - Northbridge

2016 TWT Creative Precinct - Platform72 Gallery, St. Leonards

2016 Chippendale Creative Precinct - Platform72 Gallery

2015 Forage - Saint Cloche Gallery Paddington

Selected Group exhibitions

2014 Print Exchange - 'a second' 7Dunham Gallery, Brooklyn,

2013 ' The Drive Home' The Print Exchange New York

Art House Hotel Pitt, Street Sydney

Gallery Cats Studio - 

Manly Arts festival-

Gallery Cats group Sydney 2012, 2013, 2014

Art for Goats - Oxfam 2009, 2010, 2011

Warringah Printmakers 2007, 2008


Sarah's works are held in private collections both nationally and internationally.